Recently I’ve been taking VE475 cryptography. This is final CS course I will take here in JI. Frankly, the course is mind challenging, yet informative. It’s time well-spent in short. So there is this challenge, a bonus project, which asks student to write their own ciphers and attack against each other. Attacks are conducted through a web server. Basically you can access a website that allows you preform cryptographic attacks. Now I’ve able to discover a seriers of the security issues that eventually allows me to take full control of the server.

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This post contains solutions to specific problem used in CMU 15513. If you are taking the course, please do not read further.

In this post, I will introduce you to a bug of the program. At first I thought this is a hardware bug. Then I suspect this is a compiler bug. Yet it turns out, the real issue is undefined behavior in my program. We will see how compiler makes “wrong” optimizations, when undefined behavior is involved.

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Screenshot of "Have I benn pawned" website at 'https://haveibeenpwned.com'

I know I am supposed to make weekly updates. Sorry fellows. We both know something enourmous happenned this week. A comment on recent events is going to be published someday soon. I have almost done writing it. I need time to polish it, and more importantly make sure it will not cause any trouble. As a part of my trying to keep up with the weekly update, I’m introducing you to an interesting website, Have I been pawned?.

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